Immortal: Corrupted Innocence 1.5

By: Martin Linson             Once entering the portal, it felt as if his entire being was being flung across the universe. It was the sensation of speeding millions of miles with none of the downsides to traveling at such impossible speeds. On the other side they stepped out, however Jake tumbled out, not expecting the... Continue Reading →

Immortal: Corrupted Innocence 1.4

By: Martin Linson             The entire tarp tent was suddenly ripped away from covering Jake and Kimmy, as Matt stood next to them, caught off guard at how quickly they became surrounded. As the tarp flew away, it revealed from what Jake and Matt could see was about fourteen all together including the ring leader.... Continue Reading →

Immortal Corrupted Innocence 1.3

By: Martin Linson             With a soft and trembling voice the girl finally spoke, “K..kk…Kimmy.” she quickly curled up into warmth of Ric’s chest as his arms reflexively wrapped around her.             “Well Kimmy, such a pretty name, I’m Ric, and this is my friend Jake.” He smiled for probably the first time in centuries,... Continue Reading →

Immortal: Corrupted Innocence 1.2

By: Martin Linson             The heat was thick, suffocating; the sweat dripped off Ric’s bald head as if it was a faucet. He stretched upright, loosening the tight muscles in his back as he scanned the small maize field. The few other villagers were focused on their tasks at hand to get out of the... Continue Reading →

Immortal: Corrupted Innocence 1.1

By: Martin Linson             Rain sheeted down across the city, lightly soaking everything uncovered. Some hid from the falling water, while others reveled in the light rain, feeling the cleansing nature of the water. Despite the mixed feelings, there seemed to be a quiet, one not heard but felt. One could not pinpoint the eerie... Continue Reading →

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