Something Wasn’t Right

By: Martin Linson Screaming, Walter awoke drenched in sweat once again. All he remembered from his sleep was that voice again. He couldn't even put words to try to even explain it to another person, the sheer tone grated against his bones, while the pure darkness in it terrified and even shook his very soul.... Continue Reading →

The Obsidian Page

By Martin Linson Contained below, is the last, entry in Dr. Henry Wilcox’s journal. This journal was recovered from his abandoned home after his disappearance was investigated; the missing person case for Dr. Henry Wilcox’s remains open as a cold case.             My name is Henry Wilcox, I am a specialist in religious and occult... Continue Reading →

Immortal: Corrupted Innocence 1.5

By: Martin Linson             Once entering the portal, it felt as if his entire being was being flung across the universe. It was the sensation of speeding millions of miles with none of the downsides to traveling at such impossible speeds. On the other side they stepped out, however Jake tumbled out, not expecting the... Continue Reading →

Immortal: Corrupted Innocence 1.4

By: Martin Linson             The entire tarp tent was suddenly ripped away from covering Jake and Kimmy, as Matt stood next to them, caught off guard at how quickly they became surrounded. As the tarp flew away, it revealed from what Jake and Matt could see was about fourteen all together including the ring leader.... Continue Reading →

The Campsite

By: Martin Linson             It was spring and all was still green and flourishing, just before everything died and turned brown in the heat of summer. The surrounding Amador and Calaveras lake campsites full with campers, Hogan, Camanche and Pardee; all except one campsite that is.             Deputy Darren an older man in his late-fifties,... Continue Reading →

Immortal Corrupted Innocence 1.3

By: Martin Linson             With a soft and trembling voice the girl finally spoke, “K..kk…Kimmy.” she quickly curled up into warmth of Ric’s chest as his arms reflexively wrapped around her.             “Well Kimmy, such a pretty name, I’m Ric, and this is my friend Jake.” He smiled for probably the first time in centuries,... Continue Reading →

The Mirror

By: Marty Linson             The sun blazed down from high, the ground shimmering in the horizon as a speeding stage coach could be seen, followed by a trail of dust. The six horses at full sprinting gallop as the driver stood crouched cracking the reins. The driver glanced up over the top of the coach,... Continue Reading →

More to come

Immortal is an ongoing story, following the character Ric. His stories also exist in the greater canon of the Linsonverse. There Will also be stories that are self contained, or not part of the Linsonverse cannon. When I publish stories that are separate or standalone, I will make a new page for them to be... Continue Reading →

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