The Door: My First Upcoming Novella Back Cover Text

Johnathan and Grace Fairbanks moved to the colonies to start a new life for their family, arriving in Boston, Massachusetts in 1633, with their six children also making the trip. Three years later they moved to help found Dedham, and a year later the family house began its building.
In 1638, Johnathan and Grace brought their seventh baby into the family, the first Fairbanks to be born in the colonies. It was a wonderful year for the family, with the new baby girl Abitha, and Johnathan’s success in trade making spinning wheels as well as their house finally being finished. Johnathan’s eldest John looked after Abitha for the first couple years, until the one unfortunate evening.
In the winter of 1640 on the evening of the Winter Solstice during a game of hide and seek, Abitha vanishes. The only witness is John, the eldest son, whose tale of where she went was fantastical for sure. Professing that Abitha had opened a door to another world only to get lost inside. The opening to this imaginary world was of course nowhere to be found after Abitha’s disappearance. The strange thing however, was all evidence that could be found, seemed to back up John’s insane story.

Was there a mysterious door to another world in their house, or had John done something unspeakable to Abitha?

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