Immortal: Innocence Missing 2.5

Alaric, still kneeling at Dameon’s side as he lay limply in Jake’s arms, his thoughts flew wildly through his head, as all his focus turned onto that voice that began to ring through his head. That voice haunted him throughout his entire existence in the mortal realm. Alaric felt his power surge with his emotion,... Continue Reading →

Immortal: Innocence Missing 2.4

“Wait, what?! Sister? You have a sister?” Dameon said, completely confused at what just happened.  “Well, all I’ve got to say is whoever that was, she got rid of the lost souls around us, at least. We seem to be safe now, for the moment anyway.” Jake was looking around at their surroundings, looking for... Continue Reading →

Immortal: Innocence Missing 2.3

Sha-UUr’s enormous talon took up most of Jake’s mid-torso as his eyes started to glass over; his skin became pallor as his life began to fade quickly as he looked at Alaric, then looked down at the talon piercing his abdomen and finally looked up at Sha-UUr.  Alaric’s rage began to boil over as he... Continue Reading →

Immortal: Innocence Missing 2.2

Jake had become increasingly stressed and nervous, yet Alaric seemed focused and astute. Alaric wasn’t losing himself to panic; however, Jake could see it getting to him. He just hadn’t let it control him as it had affected Jake.  “How are you coping with this all, man? I don’t get it, you almost tore down... Continue Reading →

Immortal: Innocence Missing 2.1

A little over a year had passed since Alaric sent Bahlreq back to The Pit, since the big fight in the abandoned apartment complex in the middle of the night. Alaric, Kimmy, and Jake had slinked past the patrolling authorities after the dire destruction of the brawl between Alaric and the Demlo. After returning from... Continue Reading →

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